Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a full health and nutrition curriculum and what is the main focus?

Trim Healthy You (THY) is a full health and nutrition curriculum for children and teens. Each level teaches students how to use whole foods to fuel their body to be the best and healthiest it can be. THY focuses on health rather than weight. It explains how our bodies work and how food works in us. Students learn a sound and sensible approach to eating and physical activity to improve their health now and to prevent many needless health and weight issues for the rest of their lives. Although weight is not a focus (all unique body types are celebrated), if a student is struggling with weight issues, the information will be a natural, pressure free, joy inspiring help as they implement the ideas and suggestions on how to eat to thrive.

What is included in each kit?

Each level comes as a kit with a work book, laminated recipe and exercise cards, printables, posters and access to an online, interactive Parent Portal.

How long does the course take?

THY is designed to be used as a semester course however, since it is self-paced, it may be completed sooner or later than one semester. Some families may decide to stretch it out and use it all year long. There is no right or wrong regarding the length of time it takes to complete this course.

Which level should I purchase for my child? Should all students start from beginner level if they are not familiar with healthy nutrition concepts?

Students start at their appropriate age or grade level. The levels are divided into age/grade learning levels (with flexibility of course) rather than knowledge levels. The Beginner Level was designed for 3rd-5th graders and the Intermediate Level for 6th-8th graders. Ninth graders and up can still benefit from the information if you’d like to use the Intermediate. You know your child and can gauge which level would help them most, so don’t feel obligated to go exactly by the grade levels suggested.

Sometime in the future, we hope to release a picture book for primary level and an ABC rhyme style book for toddlers/preschool, so that you can start teaching your child wise nutrition from the earliest stages. Until then, children that are younger than 3rd-5th grade might enjoy sitting in with an older sibling and learning along with them in a relaxed way as the information is being discussed.

If I have more than one child in a learning level am I required to buy two full kits?

One kit is sufficient for multiple children in the same level who are learning in the same home, unless they specifically want their own laminated card and printable sets. We do recommend however, that a workbook be purchased for each student within a level. Once a kit is purchased, you will have access to buy other work books and also have access to the PDF versions of the cards and printables.

How does this work if I have children in different learning levels but want them all to go through the curriculum?

The subject matter covers the same important topics in each level, it just goes deeper as the levels advance and more topics are covered. For example, all levels will be learning about protein in chapter two, but the Intermediate level will learn more and there are different activities and recipes for each level. Each child can read independently at their respective level, but activities, recipes and discussions can easily occur as a family.

Would children who have completed the Beginner Level go on to do the Intermediate or is there too much repetition in the levels for that to happen?

The THY information is so important that repeating it throughout a student’s schooling years will be vital. This information needs to be internalized for life and that usually takes more than one semester of learning.  The overall information is reiterated in each level, but also built upon and shared with greater detail as the levels step up. There are additional subject matters addressed in the Intermediate level to suit the greater understanding capacities and maturity levels of students. Tasks, recipes and assignments also become more challenging with each level. However, you won’t want to create burnout by repeating this information one year after the next. If your child is starting in early beginner years, it is recommended to space out the course by every two to three years, but to have your child complete both if possible.

For example, if your student starts the Beginner Level in 3rd grade, they could perhaps do the Intermediate in 6th. Or if they begin in 4th, they could do the Intermediate in 7th. If they begin in 5th, have them do the Intermediate in 8th. Reiterating the information at these stages is pertinent for continued cementation of knowledge and confidence in making healthy choices for life.

Are there daily lesson plans? How long do they take? What is the scope, sequence and pace for this curriculum?

Let’s all take a big breath and exhale out all the rules, schedules, time pressures and accomplishment expectations that usually come along with homeschool curriculum courses. This subject of nutrition and health is a tender one. We as parents and teachers need to present it in a way so as not to dampen natural interest or crush any natural passion students may have for gaining understanding into their own relations with food and healthy movement. THY was designed to inspire rather than simply instruct. It was also designed to be self-paced and flexible for each family and their schedules, not forced into a bunch of strict time allotments. Too much rigidity in studying this subject could turn this wonderful and paradigm shifting information into chains that stomp out a love of learning. 

Of course, all students learn differently. There are some who do better with daily lessons and their natural curiosity is not dampened by scheduled pace or allotted lesson times. We also understand that depending upon state requirements, there may be a need to know what topics are covered for planning or state purposes. For this reason, in the Parent Portal we have included a detailed Curriculum Layout to help with any planning you may want to do. Following the layout is completely optional, but it can be a helpful tool to show how you may want to break up the subject matter during the week. There is a sample schedule for each level too, just to spur on the possibilities of how it could be scheduled. 

Whether you choose to follow the sample schedules included in the Parent Portal or completely let your student lead at his or her own pace is up to you. The course can be done in so many ways, so do not feel the need to fit it into a certain box. Let’s furnish an atmosphere that helps get this information into student’s hearts for life rather than forcing a bunch of trivia into their minds that may stay for only a short time.

How much parent involvement is required in each level?

As long as your child is able to read on their own, the THY workbooks can be done independently at any level with minimal parent involvement. However, if you would rather be more involved, you may prefer to read aloud with your student and discuss along the way. If your child reads through independently, there are discussion questions at the end of each chapter where you can check in and talk about what they have learned. Since THY is flexible for different learning types and family dynamics, students can choose to write their responses or discuss them verbally or even both.

The included recipes for Beginner Level will require adult supervision. They are designed to be made with a parent’s help, so we encourage parents (or even older siblings) to take part in that process. If your beginner level child is handy with kitchen skills, you may not be needed quite as much, but we encourage you to still stay close and keep a watchful eye. The Intermediate Level recipes are simpler with most of them designed to be easy enough for students in that age range to complete independently. A watchful eye is still very much encouraged though.

The activity pages in both levels will require some assistance, but mainly in regards to gathering and providing materials. Most of the processes can be done independently or would be fun to do together as a family (or homeschool group/co-op). Material lists are provided at the beginning of each chapter, on the activity pages and in the Parent Portal.

Do I need to follow or have knowledge of the Trim Healthy Mama Plan in order for my child to use this curriculum?

No. Prior knowledge of anything about Trim Healthy Mama is not needed for parents or teachers. You can learn along with your child, if you wish. This curriculum is not focused on S, E or FP (the abbreviations used in the Trim Healthy Mama weight loss plan books), but rather how to healthfully fuel one’s body for a lifelong, preventative approach using everyday foods. 

Will I need to buy any special ingredients for my child to make the recipes or will I need any of the other Trim Healthy Mama books?

No. There are no other books or specialty food items needed. THY focuses on regular, whole foods that you can find in any grocery store. If any sweeteners or special ingredients are mentioned in the recipes, easy found substitutes are provided, so purchasing Trim Healthy Mama food products or books is not necessary.

When will the Advanced Level (high school) be released and will it count toward a health credit?
The advanced level has been put on hold for the foreseeable future so we’ve removed it from our site for now. We may plan to release it at a later time and it should count for .5 of a credit.
Does my child need to be homeschooled to do this course?

No. Any child can greatly benefit from this information, no matter how they are schooled. This could be a wonderful summer course or make for great evening or after school learning in bite sized amounts so there would still be plenty of time for regular homework. Your student could even do it on Saturdays and work through one chapter a month, breaking it up as time allows.

Can the courses be taught in a group or co-op setting?

Yes, THY was designed for both home and school group settings. Each student will need to have their own kit to have all the necessary materials and the teacher would need access to the Parent Portal, which is provided with each kit purchase. 

Whether the class is held weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, each chapter can be read independently outside of class and then discussed as a group or can be read and discussed together entirely. Then the class can do the activity pages and/or cook the recipes as they make their way through the text or after the chapter has been read. It could be set up in so many different ways according to the individual preferences of the teacher and group.

Is the workbook the only textbook needed?

Yes. The THY workbook offers information through text and graphics, as well as places to write and engage through each lesson.

Is there a teacher’s manual?

In lieu of a physical manual for each level, THY offers an exclusive Parent Portal for parents to have access to all of the materials, lesson plans, responses to the discussion questions, videos for various topics, a forum for parent communication and a place to upload videos of students cooking. As part of the kit, parents will have access to each level purchased on one streamlined website. There is no subscription required. Purchasing the kit will provide the parent lifetime access to the portal and materials.

How can we purchase this from Canada or other countries?

Canadian customers can shop now via and will be available on Amazon for other countries to purchase at some point in the future. 

Will homeschool charter families be able to use funds to purchase it?

You will have to check with your charter on this one. There are scriptures throughout each level, so the ones that will not pay for religious affiliated curriculums may not.

Does the course address body image issues or special health issues like diabetes or allergies?

Health issues such as Type 1 and 2 Diabetes and food allergies or sensitivities are mentioned in the Beginner Level and expanded on more in the Intermediate. Encouraging students to focus on their own unique body becoming the healthiest it can be, is the emphasis throughout all levels. Positive thoughts and body image are encouraged and the pressure is taken off to look a certain way at any age.

Is the course a biblical approach or secular?

As with the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, THY is Biblically founded and scientifically based. There are scriptures throughout each level, mostly in designated “What Does the Bible Say” sections. Even those who are not Christians will greatly benefit from the information in the workbook and the scripture parts can be skipped. The Parent Portal provides an index so that parents are aware when scripture is used in the workbook. 

Does THY cover the many different eating philosophies so popular today such as vegan, keto etc?

THY does not call out specific names, but it does teach that there are some who think or feel certain ways about each macronutrient. Students are provided with information that shows all three macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats) are important to be the best, healthiest them and that vilifying any of them ends up in diet extremes which cause harm over time.

What is the return/exchange policy?

We are so honored that you have chosen to place your order with Trim Healthy You, and we will be glad to help resolve any issue you may have.

If you need to report a damaged, missing or incorrect product or any other error on our part, please contact so we can promptly assist you.

If you need to return an order due to an error on your part or simply a change of mind, you may do so at your own expense within 30 days of purchase ONLY if the shipping box that the entire order arrives in has NOT been opened or altered in any way. Once the box has been opened or the tape cut, removed or unsealed, the product inside can no longer be returned to us. Please note that orders refused at delivery and returned without prior authorization may be subject to return shipping fees. Such fees may be deducted from your refund.

Please feel free to contact us at if you are unsure your order qualifies for a return or if you should have any questions. While we reserve the right to deny requests at our discretion, we will be happy to review concerns on a case by case scenario to see where your situation best fits into our return policy.